The Power of Superhero Underwear

Ever been part of the potty-training process and you’ve been part of a whole lotta fun.  My third has been working on this concept for what feels like forever now.  He turned 3 last June and what had been going well took a turn for the worse after a week-long camping trip.  A word to the wise:  taking a potty chair camping is not always the sign of a good time.

Potty training while camping

Potty training while camping

I had begun envisioning a phone call I may receive many years in the future.  “Mom?  Hey Mom, prom is going great, but I’m poopy so can you come and change me?”  I know that may be extreme, but it is starting to feel that way.

So yesterday when my son dressed himself in a pair of Batman underwear, I kept my momentary dance of joy to myself.  Instead, I just said, “Oh look, you’re dressed already.  Awesome.  And I love the Batman underwear.  But you know if you poop in them, I’m going to have to throw them in the garbage.”

Guess who managed to poop in the toilet just fine?  Once again, drastic measures come through for the frazzled mama.