All My Exes Live in…

Ya’ll remember that song?  There are some situations that just lend themselves to country music, don’t you think?  However, in my case, my dating experiences aren’t one of them.  Mostly because  my radio dial just can’t go certain places and I couldn’t finish a beer without gagging if you paid me.  Yep, in my world, “exes” just can never be the thing of beer and country western music, although I understand the certain appeal of such connections.

However, when thinking of my exes, I thought I’d give a  brief moment of homage to George Strait.  Not much time, but a bit.  In fact, for all you George fans, here’s a little look-see at the man.  Hmm, so that’s the face behind the crooning voice.  Okay, so I figured on the cowboy hat – it is a crap-shoot over whether it will be black or white.  Requisite western shirt, big smile, looks like the kind of guy who’d sing about ex-girlfriends needing to be a few states away.

And in fact, that’s a good place for most exes – unless you are sharing custody of kids or critters, and then those long drives get to be a pain.    Some things are better not visited often, yes?

Lately, there have been people in my life struggling with the cessation of their relationships.  And, of course, since I’ve got kiddos, we got to have family conversations about the big “d” word and what that all means for grown-ups and kiddos alike.  They looked relieved when their dad and I assured them that we were “solid” and that our family would stay as they were accustomed to having it be.

And yet, I am getting just a wee taste of solo-parenting as today is day one of a short work-related trip my husband is taking out in Chicago.  As we were tucking the little people into bed last night, our youngest sobbed, “I miss Daddy already” about 2 seconds after my husband left the room.  Broke my heart.  And made me thankful again that I have such a great man in my life to be both father and daddy to my children.

So far, the only silver lining has been being able to eat garlic at lunch with no guilt.  🙂