Retailers Hate Moms

Okay, maybe that should read, “Retailers Hate Parents” but I see way more harried moms out there than dads, so they must handle the stress of parenting better than we women.  Of course, their hair tends to be shorter, therefore the tearing out of hair is less noticeable for dads…hmm, I could have figured something out here…but that is a digression for another day.

Retailers hate us.  Really, they do.  Why else is Christmas stuff in the stores in August?  School supplies hit the shelves in July, Easter in January, et cetera, et cetera.  Dear lord, I went into Party City to look for birthday stuff for my daughter’s 6th birthday extravaganza.  The three year old had a potty-training regression what with all the creepy ghouls hanging about the front door.

Although, seeing as it is the end of September, I should have been expecting dismembered body parts to be littering the joint.  Now those are some good parenting moments, the prepping of children for entering a shopping center type place.  “Okay, remember, we are here to buy your friend a present for the birthday party.  You will not be getting any toys today, but you are welcome to put any and all things on your wish list….”  Been down that road before.

But, seriously folks, do we really need Christmas stockings out when we are still planning summer activities?  ‘Cause I’m thinking I’m more likely to get emotionally suckered into seasonal shopping during, I don’t know, THE SEASON!!!


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