Laundry – Surely a Level in Dante’s Hell?

I was reading a friend’s Facebook post about doing laundry and just how much there was in her laundry room and I knew better than to judge.  I mean, there are only 3 baskets in my hallway – waiting to trip any unsuspecting or distracted soul attempting to move through my home.  I like to think of it as part of my security system, but I know that’s just my pathetic little coping skills at work.

One of her post’s comments hit home though.  Someone else in this world ends up drying and drying and drying a load of laundry because it sits in the dryer so long that the wrinkles have become permanent.  I thought I might be the only one.  I bet I am the only frazzled mama that has to wash and rewash loads due to them sitting long enough in the washer to be waaayyy more stinky after going into the wash.

What can I say, I am an irresponsible laundress.  But I aspire to better laundry heights.  So this little gem caught my eye.

Every summer I tell myself that I am going to atone for all my laundry sins by hanging all my laundry out on my line to bake itself into dry oblivion.  Probably half the time I am actually successful in that endeavor.

Of course, I can’t tell you how many times the dog has knocked things off the line and then chewed them to bits – I am not sure why he finds the laundry to be such a delicacy, but he does.  And then there is the wee little problem of if you leave things out on the line for too long, then you run the risk of carrying in quite a few little scurrying beasts.  Have I mentioned lately how freaked out I get over spiders?

So, laundry continues to be my nemesis.  But I am in full ponder mode.  One of the comments on this photo suggests just putting pins between the hangers which would be much more cost effective.  I then thought, and hey, I could hang the socks on those mid pins.  Yahoo!

Too bad none of these innovations or thoughts are actually going to help me stay afloat of my laundry issues.  Five people generate a lot of laundry and I seem to be the only one terribly interested in actually doing the laundry rather than just standing with a puzzled expression before an empty drawer.  Go figure.

3 thoughts on “Laundry – Surely a Level in Dante’s Hell?

  1. Add me to the laundry challenged . . . I’ve just folded many loads and have more to wash and finish. Tuesdays during Biggest Loser and Thursday during Gray’s. My back to school goal – done daily and no more needed rewashing. I can hope!

  2. Sometimes I can’t believe I paid my student loan for *6 months* working as your in-law’s laundress. I mean, you can’t even find our couch under the pile of unfolded laundry!

    Maybe I just need to hire myself to keep up on the deuced stuff …

  3. Hear hear to any and all tricks that keep us in tidy whities. I, myself, am fond of one M&M per item folded. Makes the socks so much more enjoyable. 🙂

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