Family Camping

Last weekend marked our first family camping trip of the summer.  Yahoo.  We are basically car campers now that we have 3 kiddos and a dog camping alongside us, and I can honestly say I am coveting a pop-up trailer.  In a big way.  I don’t think I’ll be packing into any truly “primitive” sites anytime soon.  I mean, have you ever noticed how much crap you have to haul around with  you once  you have kids?  It is astonishing.  And that was just to go to the grocery store.  Now imagine having to sleep overnight on the hard earth!  Both my husband and I are seasoned backpackers – he of the camping variety and myself of the across Europe variety.  No way we’d ever fit all our gear into backpacks these days.  Well, maybe King Kong’s backpack, but not mine, that’s for sure!

The Lewis River as it runs through Paradise Park.So we have found a nice little campground not too far from us that is rustic enough to make us feel like we still are within at least a toenail’s breadth of  being the campers we used to pride ourselves of being…way too tough to ever think of missing the comforts of home.  Well, I always miss a daily shower in a real shower stall, but whatever.  Camping is all about coming home smelling like the bottom of the fire grate.  At which point, taking a shower is just about as close to nirvana as this lady is going to get.

It was a great trip, but the best part is looking back at it.  As in, “whew!  we survived that!”  It wasn’t the mosquitos or the stinging nettles or the creepy guys in the nearby campsite or even the rather smelly bathroom.  Nope.  It was good to be done with our first camping trip because it started with a trip to urgent care.

As I was carrying a load of absolutely necessary items to the mom-van, my youngest child tripped and sent his little self head-first into the arm of a chair.  Actually nose first.  It was one of those “tripping sound” + “thunking sound” + “inhalation sound” + “thumping sound” + mom running across room + “Oh lord, look at the blood” sound.

We did the facial xrays thing, changed our dinner plans thing, got a 2 hour later start thing, and the spent the weekend wiping blood from his cute little face as it bled and bled and bled.  Not huge gushing amounts, just a constant dribble.  And since he couldn’t breath through his nose, it was like having Darth Vader in a sleeping bag next to you.

Needless to say, this mom didn’t sleep much for this first camping trip.  Between wiping his nose, scratching mosquito bites, and avoiding the nettles, I spent lots of time wishing I was taking a shower instead – like in one of those posh spas I see advertised.

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  1. Hey, yeah, let’s DO one of those spa things sometime!

    Owwie…your kids have some big boo-boos this days!!

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