Just a Quickie

So I’ve resisted this snarky moment for quite some time, but I just can’t restrain myself today.  Maybe it’s the fact that we are having a sunny, summer day.  Or maybe it’s the side effect of potty-training and scrubbing poop out of wee little undies.  I don’t know.  But whatever it is, it is a force to be responded to so here I go.

I am amazed at what people “google.”  I shouldn’t be, but I am.  I can’t help but wonder how these folks feel about my blog coming up when they are doing a search for “naked kid” and other variations of the same concept.  I can’t help but hope there is a collective sigh of disappointment when my snarky comments about parenting fill the screen of the person looking for pictures of naked kids.

Oh, and it is amazing how badly people spell “naked” and “kid”.  Wow.  The English teacher in my past just cringes.  Oy people.