Kids, Shovels, Rocks and Dirt

All I have to say about home ownership is this:  sometimes, it really stinks.  Like when you’re the one cleaning up the dog poop.  Literally and figuratively.  So the hubby, kiddos, and I spent the day working on grading the side yard.  This meant moving the 4 yards of dirt from the excavation of our new foundation from the side yard to other places.   I’m not sure who got more dirty, but the tub had mud in it.  Seriously.

Okay, well, maybe it wasn’t the kind of mud you may have thought of, but those were some dirty kids.  Some highlights:  the youngest getting his head bonked by both siblings throughout the day as they tried to master such tools as a shovel or a push-broom.  The oldest getting knocked down by a run-away wheelbarrow full of dirt.  The middle-est getting her head bonked, knocked down, and basically tormented by her brothers throughout the day.

Actually, the true highlight was seeing my youngest, who isn’t potty-trained, sporting the plumber’s behind with a poop-streak up to his lower back.  And then thinking that if I haven’t changed him today and his dad can’t remember the last time he changed him, who knows how long that poop has been there.

Yeah, bath time has been a big hit at our house today.

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