Laundry – My Fatal Flaw

Does this happen to anybody else?  I am happily doing laundry.  All is well (aside from folding something close to a thousand socks!) in my little laundry life.  And then all hell breaks loose.  It reminds me of one of those old Wesson oil commercials – the one where the mom is busy frying chicken in her best dress and pearls.  Then Johnny falls and breaks his arm and so she just takes the pan from the burner, poof, a little commercial magic happens and then Johnny is happily munching crispy chicken with his arm in a cast.

Yeah, that was a random connection, but it made sense to me.  Of course, after I spent 8 fruitless minutes looking for a YouTube vid to just show what that kind of hell breaking loose looks like, the connection is a bit hazy to me.  But I’m too tired to push the back button that long.

Anyhoo.  Laundry and a life where things go wrong and snag your attention.  In my house, that means that on any given day, I may be washing a load of laundry, again.  It also means that there is a small percentage of our clothing with little black speckles on them and a slightly pervasive odor – even after a few years.

I never start out thinking that today will be the day that I forget the wet clothes in the washer. Usually something happens, like a kid starts screaming it’s fool head off and instead of blood splattered everywhere it is only a fight over the remote control. But it happens. And then my goal of reducing the amount of water I use goes right down the drain. Oy.

Just realized there’s a load in the wash right now. Must go and try to find a laundry basket with enough room in it that I can cram another load in it so I can get the wet, non-stinky and polka-dotted, laundry in the dryer.