Mother’s Day

So this isn’t really a Mother’s Day post – more like a post-Mother’s Day post.  A few things spring to mind.  First off, if you pay attention to such things as punctuation, Mother’s Day can be a bit of an irritant.  Why?  Because about half the time you see it written, it is “Mothers Day.”  Not really the same as a possessive “Mother’s Day.”  I know, this is pure semantics, but it also the kind of thing that gets my goat.  Right up there with my neighborhood cafe with a roadside sign proclaiming, “World Famous Pie’s!”   Hmmm, that one really makes me cringe.

Secondly, Mother’s Day brings out the worst in some people.  Namely me.  I really abhor the whole commercialism aspect of what started as a proclamation for peace and an end to war.  But have you noticed that today’s incarnation of Mother’s Day is really all about guilt?  Like a person should be sending a gift or card to every mother he/she knows.  My mother-in-law?  She isn’t my mother, my husband should be the one pondering what simple gift would make her smile.  I’ve got my own mom to ponder over, for pete’s sake.

So, since I shirk guilt like housework, not only do I not send cards and purchase gifts for all the mothers in my life, but I barely manage to acknowledge my own mom, whom I actually am very thankful for having brought me into this world.  ‘Cause seeing as how I was the second kiddo she had, she potentially knew what she was getting into by signing on for a second baby.  I’m not sure what came first, my inability to do anything on time, or my refusal to assimilate.  Classic chicken and egg conundrum.

But, I would like to thank all the lovely people who have been responsible for helping my own children make me cards and popsicle stick photo frames over the years.  It is wonderful to be loved and be reminded of just how precious our little kiddos truly are.  And for that, I don’t mind the 9 years of Happy Mothers Day things I have collected.