Sorry Barbie, Or Why I’m Never On Time Anymore

Before you have children, you simply do not completely fathom just how having children is going to impact your remaining years.  There are some absolutely fabulous aspects to parenting.  There are also a handful or so of not so great ones.  For me, I went from having spotless cloth interior in my cute and sporty vehicle and always running just a tad early for appointments, to crud-encrusted leather seats in my “mom-van” and never being on time.  If you do not have children, or are one of the lucky few whose children are cooperative, I have included after the jump a photo of a recent example of why I am never on time anymore.  

Sorry Barbie.In case you are wondering just how this poor defacement of Barbie came about (it is the Pediatrician Barbie, in case you are curious) it started with the innocent little morning conversation I have every day.

“Please go upstairs and brush your teeth before school.”


Three minutes later, “Isaac, did you go brush your teeth?  Because you still have jelly on your face.  Isaac?  (Snaps fingers within inches of child’s face.)  ISAAC!  Go brush your teeth!”  “AND WASH YOUR FACE!” I holler up the stairs at his retreating back.

Twelve minutes later, after making sack lunches and being distracted by the other two children’s argument over whose mommy I really am, I walk upstairs to find Isaac.  

“Isaac, please tell me you’ve brushed your teeth.”

“Oh sorry Mom.  I guess I got a little distracted.  But at least I got my toothbrush out.”

On that particular day, Isaac was only 8 minutes late for school.  Personally, I considered it to be a fairly successful morning for us.  You should have seen how late he was the day he decided to incorporate Legos with the aeration system on the fish tank.