Time for Change

The older I get, the more I think I can safely self-diagnose myself as at least a bit ADHD.  Now, while I think this peccadillo adds to my charm and inherent fun-ness, it also makes me a bit of a challenge to live with.  Just ask my family.  But, it sure does mean that I get bored easily.  Not with my family, but with stuff like paint and breakfast options.  And, apparently, web sites.  So, I got that techno-daddy of mine to gussy my little on-line self up a bit.  Hope you like it.  

Of course, I’m way too old to have actually been diagnosed as ADHD back when I used to roam around the classroom or sit, ravaged by twitching limbs and dancing digits, as I desperately tried to conduct myself like a young lady, or at least a whole lot more like Linda Tanner who was never in trouble for being so wiggly.  Back then, we didn’t give kids drugs to help them control themselves, we just whooped their little butts and made them play more tag during recess.  

It is a good thing I had some understanding teachers.  Mrs. Burton, my kindergarten teacher, finally quit making me lay down during nap time and just let me be her little helper.  I figure she needed the help and watching me be tormented during nap time finally wore her down.  Good thing I was destined to be a teacher, because I made a heck of a good teacher’s aide even back then.  By the time I got to first grade, Mrs. Rolfe – another wise woman who had shepherded a literal gadzook’s amount of kids through the first grade – figured out that since I could already read and write in cursive, sitting through the interminable process of listening to my classmate’s sound out Dick and Jane was just killing me.  Instead of making me sit there and be polite, she let me water the plants and feed the critters.  God, looking back, those ladies were saints.  I mean, I had the total potential to become a hellion.  In my own classroom, I call those kids “desk-lickers” because, believe it or not, I’ve witnessed them in action.

When I first was dipping my toes in the paid public educator pool, I once subbed in a kindergarten class.  The teacher was out sick, but I was merely required to supervise the student teacher while she taught.  Easy-peasy, right?  Dear god that was a hell day.  Finally, I just let her have the class and I supervised this little angel who needed way more supervision than I was able to provide.  She was not only licking the desk, but all within tongue range.  My “sentence” during the art time was as follows:

“Suzy, let’s cut out this circle.  Suzy, I need you to stop putting the scissors in your nose.  Suzy, don’t wipe your boogers on the desk please.  Suzy, let’s get you a kleenex.  SUZY, DO NOT PUT YOUR BOOGERS IN MY HAIR.”

“Okay Suzy, let’s try this circle again.  Here, I’ll start the circle, wait, Suzy COME BACK HERE!”

It continued for much longer but I’ve thankfully blocked out the rest of it.  By lunch time I was a wreck.  I figure she probably became some high powered executive that runs the world.  ‘Cause she sure was good at running me into the ground.

But I couldn’t get too mad at her, since I figured I probably looked at least a wee bit like that when I was a kid.  Although I never picked my nose and ate it because that is just too disgusting.  However, let me free of the confines of the classroom and I was thrilled to run and run and run.  Good thing we had all that dangerous, old school,  playground equipment to use up our energy stores.  Nothing worked like the Giant Strides to calm me down enough to allow me to sit through more math lessons.  I’m not sure if it was the running in circles or the proclivity to have your head smashed by flinging metal bars, but that Giant Stride was my favorite playground activity.

Well, time has passed but I still have those ADHD tendencies.  I no longer need to expend my energy running around in circles, although that would still be fun.  Instead, I just keep my needs in check by reorganizing the kitchen cabinets or my husband’s sock drawer.  Or, by changing the look of my web page.  

Thanks for reading my crazy little self.  The good news is it will change again soon.