The Gift Every Woman Needs: USB Boob Warmers

There are times when being married to a “techno-daddy” has its real perks.  Like when my computer gets the blue screen of death and nothing I’ve tried fixes it.  And he’s bang-up with a power drill, he really is.  But there are times when it certainly has its drawbacks, and I’m not just talking about when he actually answers my query:  “So, how was work today, honey?”  You know how they usually just say, “Fine” and then leave the room?  But every once in a while – you must have a particularly fetching outfit on or something – and then they actually start doing precisely what you want them to do:  sharing about their day.  Which is fantastic until all the techno-jargon starts tumbling out of his mouth and you suddenly feel like your decoder-ring has gone on the fritz.  I jokingly told my sister-in-law that when her techno-daddy does this, she should just offer up a quick marital moment to get him to stop talking.  I believe it may be up for consideration.

But my sweet techno-daddy is good for lots of obscure cultural bits that I would never find on my own due to my aversion to reading magazines and ezines that focus solely on the technological world.  (Although I have to give Gizmag props for being a great compendium of interesting things for normal folk too!)  He is responsible for my recent, “You have got to be kidding me!” moment:  the amazing USB Boob Warmer.

First off, this is offered by the quality company, Thanko.  Now, my ability to master global languages being what it is, I can’t read a stinking thing on this website.  However, the pictures pretty much sum it up for us.  So, if you are a woman who just needs to get away from her computer a little bit more often, or needs a good space heater, you might want to think about either a career change, or giving Thanko a click.  I’m not sure if they have operators standing by to help you, but I’m sure your handy credit card number will suffice.

I think the only way they could be improved if there was a bit more padding between the heating element and your skin.  I’m not thinking a woman’s breast was what that ad campaign had in mind when they penned, “Plumps when you cook ’em.”

Well, now that you know just what to get the woman who has everything, especially if she’s from Minnesnowta, you can all have a toasty day!


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