How Do They Mess Up Pizza?

So we took the kids out for pizza last night and I had one of those “eyebrow raising” moments.  Mayonnaise on pizza?  That is just wrong.  I don’t care if the basic ingredients might not be disgusting on a pizza, but to just lay down a layer of mayonnaise on a pizza just shouts bad idea to me.  This is not the first time I’ve had this rather visceral response to pizza preparation either.  In England, I had the “honor” of eating pizza with corn on it.  Yeah, corn.  Talk about weird.

So this got me to thinking about the gastronomic things that just do not make my tummy sit up and take notice.  Like peanut butter on a hamburger.  People eat some weird-ass stuff out there.  Let’s see what other finds we can come up with.  I’ll be the first one to admit a certain level of “conventionality” when it comes to my pizza preferences.  But I can be open-minded about such things, I think.

So, just a few clicks of the mouse, and here’s some of the things I have found:

1.  Eggs (guess the “ingredients in mayo” theory is playing out)

2.  Chicken livers

3.  Figs

4.  Shrimp with Bananas in a curry sauce

5.  Bacon, peanut butter and provolone 

6.  Fried grasshoppers

7.  Raisins

8.  Kimchee

9.  Swedish meatballs with sauce and noodles

10.  Sauerkraut

Okay, I’m thinking there should be some comments on this one.  What’s your favorite pizza – weird or conventional?  And for those of you who make it from scratch, feel free to add your crust recipe.  Let’s get busy over this one folks!

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