2-4-6-8 Here’s To The Bodies We Should Appreciate

I don’t know any women who actually like their bodies.  Oh, they might like some of the parts, but most don’t seem to like the whole kit-and-kaboodle.  And yet, the men in their lives don’t care what they look like.  Interesting, eh?  Likewise, most men I know admit, if you manage to catch them in a moment of truth-revelation, to wanting some body part being tweaked a tad bit.  This is a conundrum of vast proportions.  It also gives the psychiatric profession a high sense of job security.  Now, I know I’ve pointed out some of these same ideas before, but I’ve run across a little article that should give some women a bit more breathing room – and permission to have at least a small dish of ice cream.  

It appears that men like curvy women.  

Yeah, go ahead and have a cookie with your ice cream girls.

According to the ezine Fabulousmag, men like their ladies with some flesh to them.  So the trick is for women to stop obsessing about their lack of Kate Moss-ness and just start enjoying life.  I’m not saying you should start pounding the Big Macs and start using your treadmill to collect dust, but maybe we ladies need to just accept that we are designed to have curves.

It’s a hold-over from back in our cave dweller days.  Seriously.  Humans need to store some energy for when there is no available food.  And women who had curves were more likely to successfully carry a baby to term.  Viola!  Curves are good.  Skinny as a rail, not so good.  So ladies, just let yourself embrace this one idea – as long as he loves you and you aren’t going to be a risk for losing the t.v. remote control in your cellulite, then he’s going to be digging you.

Get over the angst.  Get over the worry.  Start leaving the light on and stop feigning sleep.  Instead, let yourself enjoy the power that some self-acceptance really can give you.  

There’s a good chance, that if you manage that, you’re going to stop needing to face-plant in a bowl of B&J’s best Cherries Garcia and instead find the time to use your treadmill for its original purpose.

And remember, sex burns more calories than housework.  So, get to cleaning your house, loving your man, and finally appreciating the body you have.

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  1. Curves are good. It’s when your kid looks at you and tells you that you feel like a cuddly marshmallow that you get a little worked up.

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