Today’s Tasty Tidbit – Kris’ Kringles

Okay, if you are needing a quick and festive little doo-dad to add to the cookie tray, here is a good option.

And if you are needing something to entertain the kiddos, (while being snowed in, let’s say)  well then, this is also a big hit.  And it goes without saying that they go down “real” nicely with a cup of coffee.  And since they include a reference to modern art, you can chalk it up as a way of improving your children’s art appreciation.  (It is as good of a form of rationalization for making cookies as I need.)

Kris’ Kringles

1 box of Nabisco’s Famous Chocolate Wafers (or similiar product)

1 bag of premium white chocolate chips, melted

Chocolate bark, melted

Candy Canes, crushed into small bits

On a parchment covered work surface, line up as many chocolate wafer cookies as you want to make.  Be sure the wafers don’t touch each other as so you can easily remove the finished product without disturbing the chocolate. 

Place melted chocolate bark in a piping cuff.  You may also use a zip-lock type bag with the tip cut off – it works the same way.  In fact, the clean-up process is limited to just chucking it into the landfill, so if that seems a good idea, by all means, consider yourself absolved of guilt for using a plastic baggie.

Channeling your best Jackson Pollack energy, drizzle the melted chocolate over the wafers.  When set, repeat with the white chocolate.  Immediately sprinkle with cany cane pieces, lightly pressing the candy into the white chocolate as needed.  Let set for at least an hour and then store in an air-tight container.

There, now you should have a bit more Ho Ho Ho! in your cookie arsenal.  Enjoy!