Have Yourself a Swaffelen Little Day

So, yesterday I ran across a posting out on Reddit.com and I just had to respond. I mean, some things are just so damn funny that a girl just can’t resist. It seems that American youth do NOT hold the monopoly on idiocy. Well, perhaps we still do, but this story reminds me that perhaps it is a human tendency and not just something we Americans do so well.

It seems the Dutch have had to add another word to their lexicon: swaffelen: to sweep the male organ from side to side while banging against an object such as a building.

Hmm. Boggles the mind on just how this came to be, doesn’t it? I mean, I don’t speak Dutch, so I really have no idea about the etymology of the word, so the actual pronunciation of the word may make a ton of sense and all that. But, what about the person witnessing such things and then yelled, “Eureka, he just swaffelened that building.”

I guess our only bit of thankfulness comes from the fact that the blogger didn’t also post a handy little image to accompany the entry. Of course, that is not to say the dictionary doesn’t have someone swaffelening a building, eh?

I just hope the Dutch believe in equal opportunity for the sexes and we can look forward to the Dutch ladies’ version of swaffelening next year.
The blogger’s post is here if you’d like to just read it yourself, but then you’d miss all my snarky comments about it: