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Elbow Grease Required

January 9, 2015 Comments off

I moved into my new house on December 23rd. Today, a mere two weeks and three days later, I stood in my brand new shower and scrubbed at the spots already setting up house on my glass shower doors.

Two weeks and I already have soap scum/water spots? WTH universe. I thought I had a little more time before the evidence of use took hold.

That’s what I get for thinking.

There are so many times when I put off doing something because I think I have more time before it become critical to do it, or I balk at the amount of elbow grease the task requires.

As a writer, I’m doing the same thing.

Yesterday, as I drove my kids home from their schools, I asked them for their thoughts on plot points that would make sense in my novel. Nothing like soliciting advice from a captive audience ranging in age from 8-14. Now, don’t get me wrong, kids are damn smart and my kids are great writing buddies. But let’s just say, some of their suggestions will require elbow grease in amounts and varieties I may be too old to make happen.

I wish I could note here that I have a plan and lots of excitement for implementing it. But that would be a fib. However, I have good people in my life and I know that I will make sense out of things. And I know it will take a hell of a lot of elbow grease to make this novel as clear and sparkly as my shower doors.

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Friday It Up!

May 16, 2014 2 comments

Earlier this morning I tweeted “Advil starting to kick in. Ah…let’s Friday it up, folks.” In quick succession, two of my Twitter folks responded to that tweet which got me thinking about gerunds, social media, and Fridays. As one does, obviously.

First off, I adore the community I have carved out for myself on Twitter. The folks I follow are largely folks I’d actually want to go have coffee with, or people whom making small talk would be fun and not a challenge. Does that make sense? There are lots and lots of people whose company I enjoy when I’m around them, but having conversations with me require me to engage my full-extrovert-skills. Somedays I just don’t have that in me. Because I’m a creative type which means all that natural extroversion takes a toll. In other words, my extroverted self is balanced against a soul which can easily be trampled by all the noise and energy of mishmashing people. Read more…

Ideas and Art So Good, They Must Be Spilled…

May 7, 2014 1 comment

IMG_5753Many years ago, a kind voice reached out to me in the Twitterverse. By most accounts, it was an accidental meeting. Unless you believe that words find the ear most in need of hearing them at that moment, in which case, it was no accident that I met Johanna Harness first on the Twitter hashtag #amwriting and then in real life at Powell’s many months later.

I, by the way, am a believer. I believe in all sorts of things like the power of words, and that a book can speak to a person, and that sometimes people cross our paths because that intersection will ultimately change everything. And, in this case, my casual use of Johanna’s hashtag, #amwriting, led to an introduction to a writing community, my publication by Buddhapuss Ink, and a wonderfully supportive friendship. Read more…

The Peaks and Valleys of Writing

April 28, 2014 4 comments

Every profession has its peaks and valleys – those crunch times when a person wonders just what the heck s/he was thinking when s/he started down that path. CPAs must shout “Free at last! I’m free!” as the office closes on Tax Day. Teachers certainly find their happiness once they turn in their keys for the short weeks of summer. Actors party wildly after the set is struck. And so on. Not all professions have such dramatic highs and lows, but they all have some sort combination of stressful time and not-so-stressful time.

Writing, of course, is not exempt of the stresses. Read more…

Evolution: An Explanation or Apology

August 9, 2013 6 comments

First off, I don’t know where this one is going. Usually, when I open my WordPress page, I have a pretty decent idea of what I’m going to write. Or at least I like to tell myself I do. But today, things are murkier than usual. But I do know this is a post I need to write.

Over the years that I’ve been blogging, my readers have come to accept that when I wrote “random” as the second word of that tagline up there, I meant it. This blog has always been about whatever thing it is that is foremost on my mind at the moment. Which, if you were to meet me in the flesh, is how I operate at most times. My mind is a “fluid” place and I typically blurt out whatever shiny new distraction comes to mind. It’s probably a miracle that I have any friends, really. Read more…

Dark Shadows

July 26, 2013 2 comments

I see dark shadows watching me all the time out of the corner of my eye; I fear my time is coming to an end soon….Please watch over my cats. ~Somewhere, Somewhere

The washing machine changes gears from one cycle to another. I think a belt must be slipping. But since I need clean pants and shirts for this trip, I ignore my worry. After all, it’s still working even if it’s loud.

The suitcase and bag are open on my bed; a cat lies within each. Not that I’m packing them, of course. As soon as I unzip the black fabric, though, the best cat-trap ever is opened. Theodora peers at me over the sturdy zipper. Her ears flick front to back and she slits her eyes. She contemplates destruction. Howard, on the other hand, is already asleep. Read more…

Are You Made…

July 19, 2013 1 comment

Are you made…

The chem lab smelled like every other chem lab she’d ever been in, except ten times worse. Ainsley was pretty sure that by the look of the folks sitting around the room, her fellow chemistry classmates found the smell of toxic chemicals pleasant. In fact, according to the looks that the two weirdos in the corner were giving each other, the stench in the room might even be an aphrodisiac for some chem majors. It definitely wasn’t having that affect on her. Holy crap! it stunk in here. As if an 8 o’clock lab wasn’t bad enough, she had to enroll in the one held on the lowest level of Dante’s sulfuric hell. This semester was so going to suck. Read more…


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